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GOOD BRAKES AUTOMOTIVE in Phoenix is the best place for brakes.

We specialize in automotive brake work , we are the premier shop in the valley offering   2 year 24000 mile warranty and quality parts. 20 years experience and customer service like no other. located at 12614 N Cave Creek rd suite 104 in North Phoenix

It is very important that you have your brakes checked at  Good Brakes Automotive.

We Offer Brake Repair  & recommend  At least once every 12 months, or best if a quick visual inspection is done every oil service  even if everything seems fine.
     It is so important to your safety that your brakes are inspected. When the pads become worn down ,it can lead to rotor damage calipers damage premature wear of steering components an lets not for get the most important SAFETY for you an your loved.

Signs there might be a problem can be  shaking steering wheel when braking, squeak or grinding, vehicle pull to one side when braking, low brake pedal, too soft brake pedal, hissing sound when stepping on brake pedal, when brake pedal is depressed vehicle engine seems to run rough, click sound or knock sound when Applying brakes. All of these or any one of these symtoms you should have us look at the braking system an do a complete saftey inspection

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    If you have encountered one of theses please take your car in to qualified service center  Good Brakes Automotive  explain to service adviser what you hear and let them inspect the vehicle for possible problems with a road test and full brake inspection.